The Centre of Research Excellence in Reducing Healthcare Associated Infections (CRE-RHAI) was established in 2012, following a successful application to the National Health and Medical Research Council via the Centres of Research Excellence funding scheme.

Awarded $2.49m of funding over 5 years (extended for a 6th year in 2017), the CRE-RHAI aimed to research the control and prevention of healthcare infections from an economic and health services perspective. The work of the CRE-RHAI can be broadly defined into three key research themes – health economics, health policy, and health system research. By bringing together researchers with interest across these themes, and applying their expertise to the study of healthcare infections, we hope that we have generated powerful and useful information to inform the development of health policy and practice.

The goals of the NHMRC’s Centres of Research Excellence scheme are to:

• Support innovative, high quality, collaborative research
• Promote the translation of research into health policy and practice
• Build capacity in the health and medical research workforce
• Provide opportunities to improve collaborations between research teams

Under the academic leadership of Professor Nick Graves, the funding from the NHMRC has allowed us to support a group of excellent researchers and students as they develop their skills and careers to become independent researchers, building capacity in Australia’s health research community. We’ve collaborated closely with stakeholders and other key researchers in infection prevention and control to create a strong body of evidence to drive change in policy and practice. What we hope now is that the recommendations arising from our team’s work will be used to drive real changes in policy and practice, and to focus future research endeavours


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