How consumers think about and use antibiotics: A pilot study

Project duration:  July - December 2015

The aims of this pilot study were (a) to better understand the way Australian consumers thought about consequences of antibiotic usage and (b) to quantify consumption behaviours.
Two methods were used to address these aims:  (a) Value of Consequences (VoC) survey and (b) Bayesian Truth Serum (BTS) survey.  The VoC survey was used to investigate how consumers weighed up the consequences of antibiotic use, while the BTS survey was used to elicit antibiotic consumption behaviours. 

Preliminary findings were presented at the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control (ACIPC) Conference in November 2015 (paper entitled “Questionable antibiotic practices: Obtaining reliable estimates of consumer behaviours”. Papers from this conference can be viewed online here). 

This project was approved by the QUT Human Research Ethics Committee: approval number 1500000703.


Dr Katie Page
Dr Elaine Lum