Reducing Infection in the ICU

Lead Researcher: Prof Nick Graves

Collaborators: Glenn Fulford, Tania Sorrell, Geoffrey Playford, Adrian Barnett


Aim: To inform clinical decision-making by modeling the cost-effectiveness of relevant strategies for the prevention and early treatment of invasive candidiasis in the ICU. To engage with the wider research community by making decision-making models available for testing with other data and in different settings.

Research Questions:What is the most cost-effective prevention strategy for invasive candidiasis in the ICU

Data collection: This project will use evidence synthesized from literature reviews, data from ongoing existing studies, previously published RCT and quality of life outcomes, and existing ICU patient costing data.

How the results will improve health services: This project will provide a quantitative estimate of the costs and health benefits of competing strategies for managing invasive candidiasis and identify cost-effective strategies. Good decisions will reduce serious infections; improve mortality and morbidity and improve the allocation of scarce healthcare resources.