Resimpact- tracking drug resistance for action

What if you could track the cost of drug resistance in Australian hospitals?

Antimicrobial resistance is a global issue but despite knowing much about the global impact, little is known of its impact at the country or local health district level. Such data are needed for reporting against local policies and for future healthcare planning.

ResImpact, is an open access calculator based on a validated and transparent economic model (HEMAA) that allows the user to input their own epidemiological data of drug resistance by site of infection and to be presented with a cost estimate depending on the rate of resistance.

This tool does not intuitively provide a perfect measure of the burden of drug resistance. Currently, due to the lack of Australian-based reliable and methodologically sound estimates of some of the building blocks of our model, ResImpact uses handpicked critiqued international estimates from high-quality multi-site studies. Australia is in a desperate need to have good estimates of mortality, morbidity and health service utilisation at both the hospital and primary healthcare sector. We believe that some of the answers are out there and that Resimpact can be the catalyst to finding them.

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Wozniak TM, Graves N, Barnett AG. (2017)  How much do superbugs cost Australian hospitals? An evidence-based open-access tool.


Professor Nicholas Graves
Dr Teresa Wozniak