The CRE-RHAI is currently working on projects relating to areas such as environmental cleaning, transmission dynamics of infectious diseases and the cost-effectiveness of strategies to intervene, and antimicrobial stewarship programs. A number of further projects are planned for commencement in 2013-2014, and we welcome new ideas for research and consultancy projects. If you have a research idea you would be interested in collaborating on, please contact us.


Current Projects


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Areas of Research

The Centre of Research Excellence in Reducing Healthcare Associated Infections (CRE-RHAI) is an exciting collaboration tasked with generating new knowledge about strategies to reduce healthcare associated infections, and providing data on the cost-effectiveness of infection control programs. Our research program covers a broad range of healthcare infection areas, with the major output of the research being information about the cost-effectiveness of infection control programs, and the translation of this information into changes to health services and health policy.


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